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The 7 deadly sins of trading


December 13, 2014 by Investment News

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Successful trading demands stock investment. Most of the traders make their bids in a way of buying and selling commodities on short-term basis, hoping to make faster and huge benefits. And you would be well known, when a person starts catering for something huge behind something minute then for sure it means he/she is doing extremism and is tapering in sinning. If you start folding the pages of stock market newsletter then you would come to know every second page be printed with some deadly sins of trading. If you are going to put steps in trading then be alarmed and come to know about 7 deadly sins of trading in order to move gently and protectively in the world of trading.

  1. Assertion – Claiming of legality along with illegality:

Trading is a profession which seeks yes, yes, and yes forever. A wrathful trader never likes to accept “No” from anyone. Rather they know the tactics how to say “no” o others. While stock picking services they often starts to claim some illegality stuffs with legality in front of consumers or clients.

  1. Showiness of self-indulgence while keeping self out of danger:

Many of the traders, while biding stock picking services often shows that they are by self using the same product and is highly effective. But in actual they deceive the client by doing so. They pretend like they are highly indulged in the utility.

  1. Keeps the verbatim of “unrealized gains into realized losses” on the tip of tongue:

After doing stock investment, traders thinks that they have spend whatever they ought to spend for the life time and now they only have right of gaining. While motivating their client, they keeps lies on their tip of tongue that they are getting none of benefit.

  1. Dozens of oaths for one motivation:

Traders are well-known for taking oaths. Just for one motivation of stock picking services they start to take dozens of oaths. They even start to take oaths of parents and God.

  1. Jealousy:

Most of the traders bring jealousy even for brother trader. In such jealousy they even forget the difference between the right and wrong. And in such hustle bustle they even start giving loss to their own business.

  1. Greed – Want of more and more:

It’s a matter of fact that stock investment demands some venture of money or goods. But most of traders in sake of getting huge benefits start to invest tons of money on a single project. They just goes on and on blindly in the lust of getting huge profit. Such greed is the sin they commits without knowing they are committing it.

  1. Being lustrous to cash hot stock:

When a trader becomes a professional trader he just starts catering for more and more. Humbleness and meekness just left the doors of such traders. They becomes lustrous in the worldly gaining’s.

Stock investment is an authentic way of trading. But sometimes such investments bring some sinful wishes in trader’s heart. Such worthy wishes can lead a trader to commit sins while stock bidding picking services.

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